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Having hot tub issues? Make a soothing return to serenity with the most complete hot tub services and repairs in town! For above ground and in ground hot tubs, Coffee & Mayer Services is the leading and service and repair center in Louisville, KY.

Coffee & Mayer Services has a full range services to keep your hot tub sparkling clean, chemically balanced and safe to swim in. In addition to pools and spas we also service baptismal pools, all types of electric motors, heating and air conditioning and electrical services.

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Hot Tubs
& Swimming Pools

Electric Motors
Service & Repair

Pool & Spa Heating
Systems & Pumps

Electrical Services &
Repair Lic #ME36421

Baptismal Pool Service
& Repair

Heating & Air
Conditioning Service
& Repair Lic #M02115

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